Paw tracker (2G version)
Paw tracker (2G version)
Paw tracker (2G version)
Paw tracker (2G version)
Paw tracker (2G version)

Paw tracker (2G version)

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Our own product tester, Moya, wears a Paw tracker (2G version), just like this one, all day, every day, which means it lives a rough life. Dust, rain, bumps, bashes, and it continues to work perfectly. This tracker may look like bling, but it is proven tough. Just ask Moya.


View location using a 2G cell network and/or SMS;
LED lights illuminate automatically when it gets dark;
Geofence function sends an alarm if your pet leaves a predefined area.

Size: 47 * 50 * 15mm
Weight: 40g

Network: 2G cell network/SMS (Important - this device will not work on a 3G only cellular network, it requires a 2G network)

Accuracy: Your pets location will be reported to an accuracy of between 10m and 50m, depending on conditions such as signal strength.

Waterproof Level: Waterproof provided the connectors covers are in place. It can handle rain and mud, but I wouldn't recommend letting your pet go swimming with it.

Audio monitoringYou can listen in via your phone to what your pet is hearing.

Geofence alarm: You can set up the device to send an alarm if your pet leaves a predefined area.

Charging: This is very neat. Charging of the Paw tracker (2G version) is wireless, by placing the tracker on top of the supplied recharging base. It takes around two hours to charge.

Battery life: You should get around 3 days of tracking life from the device, or 10 days of standby. The device will warn of low battery via the downloadable  app.

Mobile App “Any Tracking” can be downloaded form the App store or Google Play. Either search for it, or scan the QR code on the box. Log in using the ID number on the back of the device. The default password is 123456, but please change it for security reasons.

Estimated delivery times:  USA 2-3 weeks, NZ 3-5 weeks, AUS 2-3 weeks, UK 3-6 weeks, RSA 6-9 weeks